How to make natural healthy drinks effortless

Summer tips for you from Naturisme Cosmetics group.

The warm weather is here and our bodies needs to be hydrated! Just say no to sugary artificial drinks by making your own delicious and healthy drinks at home.

As for myself, I always hate trying to make healthy drinks even though I'm dying to improve my health. Let's face it: making juices and shakes is time-consuming and messy. But then I found an easy trick: I call it home-made Magic Ice Cubes.

It takes less than five minutes to make your ice cubes and better yet, they last as long as you want.

  • Quick recipe.
  1. Get out your ice cube tray.
  2. Find some healthy ingredients that you believe in and enjoy, and add them to your ice cube tray. Go ahead and choose ice cube trays with funny shapes!
  3. Fill ice cube tray sections with water. 
  4. Freeze it.
  5. Drop ice cubes in your glass of water or other any drink you like.

Check out the picture of my glass of water with a healthy Magic Ice Cube that I made this morning, and the middle picture shows what it looks like when the ice cube has melted:


  • Ideas on choosing great ingredients:
  • Seeds such as Chia seeds (a big source of Omega 3 and fiber) or hemp seeds (a source of protein and fiber) are great choices to add to your drink, or any other seeds that you love. 
  • Add flowers or greens: It's up to you, depending on your taste. I like to use mint or rose buds. A friend tried rosemary and it came out amazing! 
  • Maybe a slice of lemon, or why not try a pinch of saffron (it's better pre-mixed in water), turmeric or tiny piece of ginger?

Add your chosen ingredients to your ice cube tray and simply fill it with water, then freeze. 

Once your Magic Ice Cubes are ready, add them to your glass of water or any other drink that you like.

The benefits of the listed ingredients:

Saffron: High in antioxidants, improves moods and sexual function, etc...

Hemp Seeds: source of protein and fiber, etc...

Chia Seeds: source of omega 3 and fiber, etc...

Turmeric: it contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc... 

Ginger: contains gingerol, helps digestion, aids weight loss, helps nausea, etc...

Rose Buds: high in vitamin C, gives radiant skin, helps digestion problems such as constipation, etc... 

Mint: helps digestive disorders, prevents bad breath, etc...

Lemon: good source of vitamin C, etc...

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-Jessica Wells, Naturisme Cosmetics