Hush Muscle Rub

Hush Muscle Rub

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"Hush Rub" is a muscle rub cream that helps to soothe pains, soreness and strains. It's simple and natural, inspired by the art of nature, and captures the essential benefits of plants.

It helps to relax, rejuvenate the spirits, ease away body tension and comfort sore areas. Made with Black Seed (Cumin) oil (an ingredient from ancient herbal wisdom) plus Rosemary, Lavender, essential oils, Mint and Arnica extract oil. Ensures skin hydration and suppleness, and fragranced with a 100% natural scent that takes you away!

Hush Rub is a great muscle rub when your body needs to be pampered and loved. When you’re recovering from a long hike, a workout or even neck and pack pain from sitting at your desk too long, this muscle relaxer will be there to soothe and relax you while moisturizing your skin. 


- Improves circulation & reduces inflammation.

- Comforts pains and Muscle soreness.

- Refreshes with a gentle cooling effect.

- Double Function: Soothes your body while moisturizing your skin, thanks to a unique botanical formula with a 100% natural fragrance.

- Relaxes the senses & eases stress.

- Brings you closer to nature with an all-natural essential oil scent.

- Its silky texture can be used on many areas of the body.


HUSH RUB uses Black Seed Oil, Rosemary, Arnica, Lavender and Mint to deeply comfort and soothe your body. Massage lotion into intended areas and rub in until completely absorbed.