Relieve Cramps With Natural Solutions

Pain suddenly strikes your calf, your thigh, the arch of your foot ... it's a cramp, and it hurts. But it can be easily relieved thanks to alternative treatments.

Whether in the middle of the street or in your bed the middle of the night, the pain occurs without warning. The cramp is often caused by intense muscular effort, but can also occur due to the effects of certain drugs, nutrition, vitamin deficiency or other causes.

Check here our simples solutions to relieve a cramp:

The nutritionist’s recipe

Many of us don’t get enough magnesium, and a deficiency promotes cramps during physical exertion. A good cure is to take magnesium supplements for 3 weeks (300 mg per day on average), repeated several times a year. This method makes it possible to rebalance the reserves. Take with vitamin B6 to optimize absorption. Your doctor may also suggest a potassium supplement necessary. Many foods are rich in magnesium, such as dried fruits, Brazil nuts, sardines and chocolate with a high level of cocoa.

The aromatherapy treatment

Some plants are rich in esters and have a relaxing effect that touches on both the emotional and the physical aspects," says our specialist in essential oils at Naturisme Cosmetics. All the better to relieve cramps!

For muscle cramps or stress, it’s suggested to combine 6 drops of lavender and rosemary essentials oil, diluted in a dose of Arnica macerate. Rosemary contains powerful antioxidants that make it an effective treatment for muscle pain and arthritis. When mixed with lavender, it does a remarkable job in calming and relaxing the nerves.

Additionally Black seed oil is a great natural oil to reduce sprains and soreness.  The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agents in black seed oil are known to ease muscle cramps/spasms, allowing you feel that sweet sense of relief.

You can use a combination of these oils and massage it into sore or uncomfortable areas of your body.

For venous cramps you can use Calophyll oil, which promotes lymphatic drainage and better blood circulation.

The phyto boost

Ideal for a thorough treatment of night cramps in particular: use a glycerine macerate of passionflower (a plant known to relax the nervous system). Take 1 tbsp. in the morning and evening for 20 days, especially during intense sports and heat (hiking in the summer, for example). And in case of venous disorders aggravating cramps, combine the macerated glycerine passionflower with horse chestnut (a 50/50 blend).

Another great phyto recipe: brew a pot of passion flower herbal tea to drink during the day (several cups).  Just infuse a handful of dried buds of passion flower in a liter of boiling water.