Sweet Almond Oil: An Oil With Nourishing And Softening Properties

Sweet almond oil has been used since ancient times for its moisturizing and softening properties.  The ancient Egyptians and Romans used it for massages and beauty treatments. It is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A (which facilitates the proliferation of epidermal cells and has a beneficial effect on mature, burned and acne-prone skin) and vitamin E (which accelerates cell repair and fights inflammation).

It also contains minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. These minerals are more useful in food than on the skin, and are most well absorbed when consumed by eating almonds.

What are the benefits of sweet almond oil for skin and hair?

Sweet almond oil has many beneficial properties for the skin because it helps to:

- Nourish

- Fortify

- Soothe

- Tone

- Soften

Sweet almond oil nourishes your body and helps prevent chapped lips and dry skin, as it penetrates your skin very easily. After several applications, your skin will be better protected since the oil strengthens the hydrolipidic film covering your epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). It is also an excellent natural anti-wrinkle treatment! Additionally, sweet almond oil is excellent for soothing pains for people suffering from skin problems such as itching, redness, burning, eczema or sunburn as it is a very good natural anti-inflammatory. 

Sweet almond oil enhances the hair, and just like castor oil gives strength and shine to dull and brittle hair while promoting growth and minimizing hair loss. It’s also perfect for the well-being of your scalp. Thanks to its restorative and nourishing properties, sweet almond oil can soften, strengthen and revitalize your hair. You can even use it on to eliminate dandruff quickly or enhance your hair color.

Be careful, however: people with allergies to nuts generally do not tolerate sweet almond oil.