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Black Cumin Seed Oil: Natural Ancient Remedy

Scientific Name: Nigella sativa Common Name: Black seed, Black cumin, Nigella Botanical Family: Ranunculaceae Distillation Method: Seeds, cold pressed Forms Of Use: Seeds, oils, pills, capsules, creams Origin (countries where the seed is grown): Egypt, India Looking back to ancient times, we find a lot of natural remedies that have been forgotten and replaced with new chemicals and medications. One often overlooked natural remedy is the remarkable black cumin seed oil, which was one of the items found in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, constructed some 3,300 years ago. Imagine archaeologists’ surprise at discovering a bottle of black seed oil in the tomb of King Tut! Nobody knows for sure why the Egyptians chose to bury their king with...

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Why Use A Natural Rub?

Sometimes you may feel your body is tense and in constant pain. You see the doctor and he orders an MRI. The results show nothing is wrong but you’re wondering how that could be possible since your body is still sore and overall you’re not feeling good. First of all, it’s good news that you don't have a major injury since you’re not forced to choose a synthetic prescribed or over-the-counter pain relief treatment with harsh chemicals that might have many harmful side effects. Typical prescription or over-the counter-pain relief creams will generally not heal the problem anyway; they just stop communication between your nervous system and brain for a short time so you won’t feel the pain. It’s a kind...

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