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Hush Rub

Few things can make us as vulnerable as painful muscle inflammation. It not only hinders the normal movement of the body but can even leave us immobile for long periods of time. Muscle tension results from an increase in muscle tone, contracting and becoming more compact while losing its natural elasticity. It often affects the back, neck and extremities, especially during physical exercises. Muscular tension can have a range of causes, including poor posture, a prolonged period of stress, sitting for too long, illness, or even the effort we make when we suddenly pick up an object. Wear and tear on the joints, a sudden movement or the temperature of the environment can cause our muscles to become strained and...

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Nine tips to relax your muscles

You’ve just finished your workout and your muscles are sore and tense. You congratulate yourself for training hard and you’re sure to get good results. But don’t forget the second part of a great workout is relaxing your tired muscles! You need to not only stimulate your muscles to develop but also give them enough rest and relaxation so they can repair and recuperate.  This step will help your muscles become bigger and prevent workout injuries, especially if you start bodybuilding. So follow these 9 tips to relax your muscles after your workout. 1. Breathe This technique is particularly effective if you practice it in the evening just before going to bed, after your workout when your muscles are cooling...

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Everything You Need To Know About Argan Oil

Once upon a time, in the heart of Morocco's arid land, tree-climbing goats played a vital role in the country's lucrative Argan oil industry. The hungry animals would climb onto the thorny trees, native to Morocco, and eat their fruit and leaves. But the kernels, which are encased within the fruit's incredibly strong nut, couldn't be digested by the goats. So enterprising locals collected them from the animal's droppings and turned them into precious golden oil. The oil, now produced by local indigenous women, has been used for centuries by locals for medicinal and culinary purposes. But recently it's gathered a cult-like following in the global cosmetic market. Full of antioxidants and vitamin E, the oil has been praised as having...

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Black Cumin Seed Oil: Natural Ancient Remedy

Scientific Name: Nigella sativa Common Name: Black seed, Black cumin, Nigella Botanical Family: Ranunculaceae Distillation Method: Seeds, cold pressed Forms Of Use: Seeds, oils, pills, capsules, creams Origin (countries where the seed is grown): Egypt, India Looking back to ancient times, we find a lot of natural remedies that have been forgotten and replaced with new chemicals and medications. One often overlooked natural remedy is the remarkable black cumin seed oil, which was one of the items found in the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, constructed some 3,300 years ago. Imagine archaeologists’ surprise at discovering a bottle of black seed oil in the tomb of King Tut! Nobody knows for sure why the Egyptians chose to bury their king with...

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